Monday, May 18, 2009

summer begins

Ah it is summer break. It is a break from courses but not the requirements of research. However, the lack of students running all over campus creates an air of quiet study conducive to getting stuff done.

With the onset of summer, I did a bit of spring cleaning yesterday at my home. Cleared out the second bedroom for a temporary guest. All my camping gear, craft stuff, photos, and ski gear had to get moved out. The stuff was then neatly piled into my bedroom. The windows are open, last night was warm all night. Ahh summer.

Hopefully i will be able to get posting again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring weather

ah spring time in Moscow.
the rains fall from the sky and someday the sun will dry it up.
this weekend was the Moscow Renaissance Fair. it rained from 2pm Saturday to 3pm Sunday. the poor venders who rely on the sales to make a living. Most folks were gone during the cold rain.
There were good bands playing however, I saw/heard little of it due to the rain.
I did get two garden plots ready for seeds. The sizes are about 2x4 feet each. Already there are brussel sprout starts, lettuce, spinach, radish, and morning glory seeds planted. I have three tomato plants that I am going to put in pots, one pepper plant, two dill, two parsley, two sunflowers, and some purple basil that are going to go into the ground when the rains let up or the temperatures rise a bit.
I thought I was going to forego gardening this summer, but I must be addicted to diggin in dirt.
I also transplanted a spider plant last week.
Or am i avoiding the mounds of homework that is due this week, and the lab work I have sitting in the refridgerator?
Sorry, no pictures with this post.