Sunday, January 8, 2017

Ocean perspective

Looking out into the ocean can bring a sense of calm, even when the waves are crashing.  Trips to the coast always entails a beach walk.

Next to Redwoods, I don't feel so Giant

Its 2017, a new year upon us.  Reflections on the past year's successes, failures, events, dull-drums, etc can become overwhelming, causing one to feel low.  Then you look into the night sky, see a vast universe of stars and all your reflections and perspectives become irrelevant in scale.  Staring into the ocean can give a similar result, washing away things and leaving a clear mind.
A walk in the Redwoods, among the Giants, can cause thoughts and sensations of being a part of a larger system, one operating on a long range time scale, not on a Monday-Friday routine with structured weekends.
These photographs were from 2015, it has taken me a while to post them.  Prairie Creek Area.
Burnt core, the upper part of the tree was still alive.

Note: Todd is in the picture, just below center.  Scale!!

The bark on some of the trees is bizarre.

Todd is on the trail, once again, the scale!!