Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hood River

Over 4th of July weekend, I had to work in Heppner. Not to have the whole weekend spoiled, Clinton, me and the two dogs went to Hood River. We ate at the Full Sail Brewery which was awesome food for a major brewery. We drank at the Double Mountain Brewery, yummy yum yum. We hung out at the river park. We spent the night off some forest road with a view of Mt Hood. It was awesome being a tourist in a tourist town.

Hidy ho its the St Joe!

This summer I went up to the St Joe River a few times. Each time the adventure grew from the last. The final trip (so far) resulted in rafting/fishing down two sections of the wonderful river. My companions were Henry!, Tim Caldwell, and Sue Bury.
The raft was a 12.5ft NRS with oar-frame. This set up was preferred since I was the only one with rafting experience, Tim's goal was to fish, and Sue's goal...lets just say she was wonderful help and great company to have.
Lots of cutthroat was caught by Tim on the first day. I fished one hole and caught a cutty. I may have fished more but there was always a rock to maneuver around just 20 feet ahead. The early August float was a bit late for smooth riding. Sleeper rocks everywhere. The weather was cloudy and gray.
The second day was lower in the watershed and had less cutthroat. But there was a rope swing and less sleeper rocks. This day the weather was warm and sunny.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School is back in session

Hello all. It has been a wild busy summer with field work. I now have over 200 samples..maybe 300 count. Much of this needs to occur before October 1 as I am presenting my data to an international audience of lake managers at the International Symposium of NALMS (north american lake managers) in Hartford, CT on October 29, 2009. This will be my first major presentation ever.

I have some photos and summer things to post for you all. Please be patient.

My great friend Gina is staying with me this fall. She is taking courses at UI to help finish her Masters in Natural Resources. It shall be wonderful having a conversationalist in the home. Sorry, but Henry does not converse, he only knows: stick, ball, food, bastard, grrr.

Have a wonderful day!