Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birthday fun

This year was my 40th Birthday.  Milestone?  Only if you abide by decade jumps.
Todd really did this one good.  While on the coast we feasted, twice, on seafood.  He got his sister and nieces to bake me a cake, red velvet cake with no food coloring!  Sarah did awesome on the frosting which I am not good at.
Here is one of the seafood feasts...fresh Hama Hama oysters, sauteed in butter and garlic, succulently enjoyed in the warm, dry confines of the camper while experiencing a heavy downpour and wind storm outside!

Holiday travel

This Thanksgiving, we took the zoo over to the Puget Sound and the Jung's.
June Bug is the adventurer.   She enjoys watching water, especially moving water.

The day after the holiday feast, the Jung family, Todd and I went for a hike to waterfalls.  The skies have poured out its liquid joy so the falls were putting on a show.