Friday, January 29, 2010

Memories of a good time

In late April 2008, I was ending my stay in Arizona and nearing the day I return to Idaho. My good friend Shelley was in Sedona with her family and we planned to leave from there to travel north together. Well, I kidnapped Shelley, brought her down to Phoenix for a night out on the town to get a bit of city before heading back to the hills. This pic is from the morning after...lovely group we are!

In this pic: Ruby ass (top left), Cindy D, Shelley J, Cindy A (middle row l-r), Atilla and Henry (bottom row l-r) at CindyD's old (dusty) place.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New memeber of the family farm

Since January 4th, Jazzy has been a new member of my family-farm. He is a great looking, 6 year old black cat, with all his claws, attitude, and charm. He talks lots especially in the morning..."get out of bed and feed me!"
Between him and Henry, there is not much attention for myself. The dynamics of the house are considerably different since bringing in the second neutered male beast into my home. Henry loves eating kitty roca and cat food. Jazzy hisses at Henry often. He also likes to sleep behind the stereo, walk across my laptop computer, and does not like to be picked up. Here are some photos of the new family member....He also likes to give affectionate head buts. Be ready, they have some force in the moment!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dog rescue!

For those who need a heart warming story today:

Dog rescued after spending days out at sea on a hunk of ice!

And here is a dog that makes everyone smile:


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Years pic at Port Townsend

Here is a wonderful picture of Henry and I on the coast...

MLK Weekend

It was a three day weekend and I sure had fun. Saturday was a lazy day of reading, a nap, and an excellent workout at the gym. On Sunday, Tim, Sue, Todd, Henry, Scooby, and I went to Jerry Johnson Hotsprings. WE scored the river side tub with the waterfall of hot water. Once again, i did not get good pics and it could have been cause I waited until dusk to take any. We drank plenty of beer, laughed, engineered a section of wall that Henry moved, and had a few resting moments of silence. That night we were going to camp but instead went to Lochsa Lodge for a cheap stay in a hot cabin. Watching the neighbors party was good television for us to comment on while cooking a meal of deer steak and potatoes. Mmmm.
The following morning we hiked back into the hotspring to look at the upper tubs. It was such a wonderfully nice day that we hung out at the upper tub and did not even get into the water to soak. it was just awesome to hang out. Here is a pic of Tim and I on the log above the tub.Here are a few more pictures from my camera; you will see why i did not post these earlier..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holiday BREAK!!

Fitting that the first day of school is when I finally get around to posting the few pics I have of the new Years vacation in Seattle/ Olympic NP.

In Seattle, Todd and I went to the Bodies exhibit. Should this come to your town you must go see it! Such an amazing feat of art and science. Tastefully presented, informative, and not creepy.

My camera is not the greatest and my photographic patience does not help. WE rode a ferry twice to get across the Puget Sound. The rides offer moments of rest for either 30 min to 1 hour time. for a land locked girl, these rides were pure enjoyment, for Todd, a Port Townsend native, the rides were nap times.
After crossing the first ferry ride from Seattle to Port Townsend, we began the drive to Olympic NP to go hotspringing and camping. The weather was great for us, however, even with clear skies, the forest is always dripping!

New Years night was a moment to dry out, thanks to Camille offering up her cute home in Port Townsend. A wonderful dinner was followed by a quiet midnight celebration on the back porch of Sirens (a bar). New Years day was the highlight of the trip for me: Fresh oysters collected and eaten bayside by me! mmmmmmmmmmmmm, a little lemon and cock sauce on a cold salty oyster.
Next we went to the Dosiewallops River for more camping, hiking, biking, and we were even able to get a small campfire going. The fire was fueled by a series of business cards (for escorts) that Becky brought back from Vegas. If the lady did not make the cut she was burned immediately.
The vegetation was lush. The mosses and lichens and small succulents kept my gnome nature excited!
Henry did great on the trip. Running over 20 miles next to a bike and hiking up a steep trail tired the boy out. He did not move once the whole night in the tent, did not even open his eyes when pushed! Can't wait to do it to him again.
the trip was a wonderful experience, pleasant, and perfect for the holiday break before I slave away to finish the graduate study that has overcome my time.