Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Give me a shot!

School is back in session after a much needed spring break. I am still waiting to get motivated this semester and I find it hard to believe that my resistance to one class is affecting my performance in other pursuits. I also think that by trying to live a healthy life outside of school, most specifically getting to bed early for a full 8 hours of sleep is backfiring. I had a similar experience in senior year of undergrad: I stayed awake in all my classes cause I was getting a full 8 hours, however my performance in the classes was poor cause I had no time to study at night. What does one do? sacrifice sleep and put night hours towards school, or get plenty of sleep and fore go the late night study hours. I am open to suggestions.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Howdy all!
I spent spring break in Boise ID and Phoenix Arizona. However, forgot my camera! so you will have to look at Cindy D's blog to get the incriminating photos. They show waht adults do on spring break versus college bump and grinders.
Since I am back to the grind of school this will be a super short post. LATER!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Since i am on a memory lane kick, here are some flyers of shows that i was very privileged to attend. The flyers are courtesy of .P.o.P Citizen Lunchbox.
Yes, this was one of my first shows. So awesome. I did not realize the power of the line up.

Won free tickets to this one. Since I did not have a drivers license my sister Sherri drove George and I to the show. She went in wearing a skin tight white tiger print cotton dress with blonde feathered hair. I recall overhearing two big leather clad men comment "what's with Cheryl Tieggs over here?" hahaaa. Thanks for driving sis.

Both of these shows were hot box sardine fests. Recall I am 5 foot 1 inch. Guess where my nose was most of the time.

MArdi Gras

i went out alone on Mardi Gras and was home within a hour. All dressed up, made my own mask, and went to the only smokefree venue in town. The music was decent with Grateful Dead cover songs and the aged dancers to boot.

A great artist

For those who do not know.
You should check out Robert Williams. His artwork is a literal acid based stereotype of society in America.
I would post a picture from the site but he has a good web designer and I can't grab anything.


Part two of a great interview between influential musicians who are humble. The last 30 seconds has the most moving words that we all should subscribe to.

Energy pill

Friday night I went to a small performance of my neighbor's punk band. It was a 30 minute flash back that felt really good. The strange part was sitting. Practically everyone was sitting since it was in a coffee shop, the same one i am in now. These are young high school kids "watching" punk music. WTF! When I was in high school no kid was sitting watching, we were all jumping, thrashing, and sweating it all out. That is why we went, to let it out. One kid did have a musical convulsion and bumped the chair I was sitting in, he was apologetic and stopped convulsing. If only he knew what I truely thought of his bodily expression, if only more kids were convulsing to the electric guitar, pounding drums, and throbbing base.
So on this beautiful Sunday I am sitting in the dark coffee shop procrastinating. the following videos are meant to get you out of your seat and thrash. Although I was not at these exact shows, I did see these bands play in the late 80's and early 90's in the Chicago area.

The SoulSide show, ahh, the soulside and government issue show. i am sure I hve mentioned this before, but what a sweaty hot box of a show. I actually blacked out from the heat during Government Issue, damn.

Remember $5 shows? These guys rock and always sold out. Feel the energy that busts out!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Check out this guys photo blog spot here.
Its got some amazing photos that he has collected over time. Its not in English but the pictures themselves speak volumes.

Oil Pastel fun

I have this box of oil pastels that are over 20 years old. some are a bit dry, some are just tiny bits. I do not know how to use oil pastels so I have been just playing with them. The "sick with the flu" picture posted back in January was an oil pastel attempt. This one makes no sense, why is there a leg coming out of the sky?

Creative fencing

Although this fence is incomplete, the idea is great. It is located in Moscow ID. I see it when i take the bus, its near cookie cutter apartment complexes.
I have observed fences made from old skies but this is the first bicycle fence I have seen.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The 80's

this is not the greatest scan.
Here is a picture of Cindy D and I cooking hamburgers in my front yard. According to this we have known each other for at least 23 years (36-13=). Haa. where has the time flown?

Monday, March 2, 2009

“Your beliefs don’t simply reflect your reality, they create your reality.” The Answer, j assaraf

Plastic death

Watch this video and wonder what YOU can do.