Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall on the Island

There is a plague of huge spiders occurring right now on the island.  The large spiders are geometric, angular, yellow, and did I say huge?  The web deserves its own statement: Large, strong, sticky, and downright not fun to get caught in. I have encountered many of the webs and due to the knowledge of who inhabits the mitt of death, have also screamed as if I was a fly caught and facing doom.
One of these wonderful creations decided my office was a great space to set up shop.  Not sure why.  It is indoors and I have yet to notice a flying bug problem, but the large spider thinks is was a good spot to expend resources to set up shop.  It has been there 3 days.  I have not killed it yet.  As a good friend once said about a black widow living in her bathroom, "we have an understanding, as long as she stays there and I can see her, we can get along."

There it is.  In all its glory, the spider.  While taking this shot, i also took some of the evening view from my office:
Are you jealous?  Living the dream baby, living the dream.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fun times

Geez, my dog is my life.... here is Henry with his fetching partner Charlie.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beach walk

Ah, Sunday evening at Double Bluff beach.  Sunset, fetching, and bare feet.  the tide was high and going out so the walk out was different than the walk back.

And finally, we boated out on the lake and did a bit of fishing.  i caught one cutthroat, Todd caught none.  that's our place, the gray  one over Todd's shoulder.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Home

The past two months have been very unsettling for Henry and I.  Not to say we did not have fun, it sure was action packed: two weddings, family visit in Illinois, few weeks in McCall, and moving.  This past weekend, Todd, Henry, Scooby and I moved into a lake cabin on Whidbey Island.  It will be my first experience at coastal life.  Fortunately, my tour guide and companion grew up in the area not far from here. 

Here are some pics from my Chicago trip:
Mom and I at the Art Institute.  I am my mother's daughter, if it were not for the grey hair, you may not know who is who from the back!

Me at the bean in Millenium Park.

Camping in Montana, outside Glendive.  So neat, like the Badlands of South Dakota.