Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flight to Juneau

We had a fantastic flight out of Haines in a small single prop plane.  Our pilot took advantage of good weather and it being one of his last days flying for the summer to take us down a mountain valley route instead of along the Lynn Canal.

Bye Bye Haines, here is the peninsula as we fly over Chilkat State Park.

Two glacial fingers off the gigantic Mendenhall Ice sheet that covers most the area.

Glaciers hanging above a blue-green lake perched on the mountain side.

And finally the fantastic wetland valley floors that may have never had a human step foot in them:

Alaska Shrooms

And here are a few that are simple. 
This is Don's book that is one of the most awesome shroom guides:

Alaska toxic shrooms

Amanita pantherina?  Not sure, but these fantastic looking shrooms most likely are from the Amanita family and you do not want to touch or eat them, or there will be an uncomfortable death.

And the colorful Amanita we saw in Yukon.

Alaska Shrooms

Here are some more fantastic pictures of identified fungus.  They are so beautiful.

Dark Boletus; unknown.

Trumpet Chantrelle; edible.

Gem Studded puffball; choice edibile.

AK Fungus, edible?

Below are pictures of some of the fungus observed in the Haines area of Alaska during our trip last September.  According to some identification books and Don, our AK shroom guide, these mushrooms are edible.  But, unless you are very sure of correct identification, do not eat these, they may be poisonous.  Not pictured are the chantrelles, they are on another post.

Velvet Foot; edible

White Jelly Mushroom; edible.

King Bolete: edible.

Flat topped Corral; edible.

Cauliflower Mushroom; edible.

Shaggy Mane; edible.