Monday, September 22, 2008

oh yeah, I paddled this river a few years ago on Memorial day weekend and flipped like these guys.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The sun is shining

Oh boy, those were some dark days earlier this week. I must be a bit manic and hormonal in my old age.

Last night I had a few cocktails with some colleagues at the Quiet Bar. We sat outside until happy hour was over, our drinks were gone, and the sun was gone also. I walked home with my new red bike. We passed McDonalds and there is a bike rack on the front lawn. A lone bike was placed there, street side. Woah, double take. It was my bike. I could not believe it, I looked around and reclaimed it! Lucky girl I was, walking home with two bikes! It was a long walk, 1.5 miles, yes up hill, but hey, the old trek is back!! Now the question is which bike do I take to school?!

I also did not sleep well last night. Woke up at 330am. Stayed up until 5am. henry was barking at the hooting owls outside. it may have been his first time hearing many hoots. The squirrels are setting up residence in my walls. Henry is particularly fond of the one in the bedroom wall, that noisy bugger kept Henry occupied for a bit.

There was a quiz in engineering class this morning, I blew it off. No class in Watershed mangt. So i slept in til 9am. Ahh.

Not practicing yoga, it has fallen out of schedule. I need to revisit it and put it back in some fashion.

There must be some forest fires to the west. Today is the second day for smokey air. Washington and Oregon have some fires, a few new ones too. They maybe what is blowing over. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomarrow, maybe that will damper down the flames.

Today i am once again wearing pants and a lond sleeve shirt. The buildings are so cold.

Good day to all!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

stuck up grad students

Graduate school. yup I am here in Graduate School and what a different game it is. Today's complaint is about the unfriendly grad students. They do not smile, rarely even say "hello" and in general do not appear friendly. I have said hello to practically everyone I see. Even in the study group within a Interdisciplinary course, they are unfriendly. It must be me. But what am I being viewed as? Not intelligent? Boring? Unfriendly? Mean? Communist? ugly? i feel like the last one, ugly, cause no body is picking me for their team. VICTIM!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long Day

Went out in the field today to collect data to be used for my research project. It was a lovely day out on the reservoir. There is a sign along the way that advertises "Beer Lattes". It must be a miss understood sign or the miracle morning after drink.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Heart burn

Heart burn, it occurs when I eat to much grease and onions. That is not the type I am feeling at this moment.
Yes, it is the burn of lust in my chest. there is this male person who was nice and way to young, 10 years!! He showed up at the time I did not want to be complicated by men. He was persistent and each time I denied he persisted. It was kinda flattering. One day I gave into temptation and became physical with him. Uh oh, that was a big mistake. Within three weeks I was so confused with what I was feeling. So I decided to go with my feelings and explore the possibilities. Next was the drop. What upsets me so about the drop is just how the feelings of rejection have hung on for quite sometime. Physically there is over 600 miles between us, no contact via email or phone, and our lives are so different. We would not even of been a good match, not a thing in common. so why can I not get this dick off my chest? He was not even that good in the sack.

Bicycle Thief

It was such a great movie but to wake up, walk outside and see that your bike is gone sucks in reality. who would want to violate another's space? Luckily there was a bike swap going on and a replacement was purchased for a cheap price of $25. But my day was then put towards fixing up the new purchase, setting up a way to lock up the newbie so it does not have to be pulled inside each day I am finished using it. this ruby red beauty is worthy of a name, in time one should appear.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Henry and I on his first river trip. A short trip along practically flat water, a few rollers. We were in an inflatable kayak (IK). He did okay except for trying to get in my lap while I was paddling. His weight was on one side of the IK and this caused us to veer to one side. We are hoping that the future will have more river trips on store for us. He likes to swim and I like to be out there.

New born

Patience. Do we need time to be patient? Or is patience the non-observation of time?
This page is my reality. this page will be on my time. You must have patience, not observe the gaps in time between posts, to be part of my reality.
Do you want to observe my reality? Then watch this as I learn how to utilize the internet and discover the possibility of blogging.