Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Last week, the temperatures in the Boise area and mountains was between 5 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  Rivers were iced over, ski slopes were tilted ice skating rinks.  A tongue would have frozen to a wooden fence, it was that cold.  Todd and I needed to get out of town and we desired a soak in a natural hot spring.  So we drove a few hours to Kirkham hot springs, along highway 21.  This is a road side (highway) natural spring with a great pool and other small pools nearby.  We arrived by noon on a Friday and no one was there.  The pool was all ours.  Henry was with us so you can only imagine the relaxation that occurred.

While sitting in the hot water, Todd brings us some tough talk I made over the New Years holiday....jump in the cold water for an hour and half massage and a bottle of gin....I love gin.  Hum, ah, there was frazzle ice flowing down the SF Payette River while we were in the warm water.  I had to think about it.  Here was the result of my thoughts......and the result of Todd's need for perfection.....

Mmmmm, New Amsterdam Gin is pretty tasty.  Still have yet to redeem the massage.
When I grab my head near the end of the video, imagine the worst ice cream headache you can and double that.  I think I had a moment of blackness when my head went under the water.  Todd, not to be out done, also dipped in the river, but after I foolishly did it first.  Ahh, to feel alive!

PS. please pardon the bad music on the video. I am new at making these Youtube creations and have limitations with my video editing program.....

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Holiday to me!

Mailing presents across the country can be expensive.  Choosing the correct gift for someone is also difficult with sizing, color choices, and personal preferences.  So, this year, my family provided me some money to purchase something nice for myself.  A $20 bill here and a $20 bill there added up and I was able to purchase a brand new sewing machine for the house!  It is a basic Singer Tradition 2277 model and was on sale.  First project is going to be hemming curtains for the bedrooms and office.


Home Remodel update

Many of you may know that we have redone most of the exterior of the house (see posts from 2012).  Well it is winter and we are working hard on the interior.  We have repainted both bathrooms, two of three bedrooms and are working on the last bedroom.  Here are some pictures from the house:
Bedrooms are yellow with white or orange with white.  The orange room is used as an office, it is a bright color for sleeping.  The master bedroom is in progress and will be the same yellow and white as the second bedroom.  We are keeping the orb lights in the main bathroom, they look much better now that the bright red paint on the cabinet is gone.

Office before painting.

Office after painting-but before floors are redone.

Second bedroom after painting.

Main bedroom in progress.

And for fun, here is a picture of Henry and June Bug in the bathtub together.  That cat will follow Henry almost anywhere.  She did not stick around once the shower started.  Henry had to stay, what a good guy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


June Bug was assisting Todd in installing cam lighting in the office.  That darn cat is very curious and adventurous.  She greatly enjoyed exploring the attic, smashing down installation, and monitoring the entrance to the attic.